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Welcome From Desire Hire

Welcome to DesireHire.com, The future world's largest and most feature filled adult classified website catering to Escorts, Erotic Body Rub Massage Therapist, BDSM Practitioners, Exotic Dancers, Adult Nightlife, Erotic Art, Strippers, Tantra Instructors, Adult Film Talent and much more!

About DesireHire.com

DesireHire.com came about with the idea, that even though there are some great adult classified websites out there, all of them are in no shape or form web experts. Most adult classified sites cater to themselves rather than their clients. Their efforts seem to be focused more on making their site popular rather than truly examining web trends to bring more exposure and better quality leads to their clients. DesireHire.com is being designed by a specialized web development team, alongside adult entertainers such as yourself to meet and exceed both current web trends and the needs of its clients.

The DesireHire.com Mission

Our mission is very simple, Give the best quality product to our clients at the lowest possible price!!! Our site is being designed in a way that every person who lists on our site will have their own spotlight. Unlike the many site currently floating around the web we're working countless hours to make sure that each end every client receives the customization, Proper search engine indexing and attention they deserve.

What Makes Us Better

Unlike the many pay and free adult classified site on the web we aim to make sure you don't just drown in a sea of endless faces, We strive to make sure you get the exposure you joined our site for, and most importantly we are tediously working to make navigating our site to your listing much easier and more direct then our competition. Needless to say both our site and your listing is being designed to stand up to the challenges of today's ever changing web. By staying on top of today's web trends we bring you better quality leads and a greater turn around on your investment and time. And to ice the cake we have dressed our site with an esthetically pleasing and feature rich interface for both our clients and their clients.