11 Escort tips to stay out of legal trouble

All Escorts. are not only looking to promote themselves, but also to stay off the radar of local and governmental legal authorities.

It is not illegal to be in the Escort business, and you are not breaking laws by performing escort-related services. However the act of prostitution or even solicitation of prostitution is by all means illegal in most of the United States. Otherwise, from our research, other countries tend to be more relaxed on prostitution and generally have laws that seem to be friendlier concerning the act.

With that in mind, ignoring laws and blatantly breaking them is sure-fire way to guarantee yourself a reservation at your local police precinct. The main differences between being a prostitute and being an escort may be considered subtle, but careful thought, consideration and a good bit of common sense should keep you and your business well out of hot water and operating smoothly and successfully.

Listed below, we have put together a comprehensive check-list to try to help you achieve just that.

Put it in writing.

Write up a brief description of your business making sure it informs your clients that any services you may provide are exclusively related to modeling and/or exchange of time for companionship for a fee. This description should also outline that anything outside of the services you have detailed, is a matter of personal choice and/or preference between two or more consenting adults of legal age and not part of in any way the compensation you are given for your time as a companion and/or model. Furth more, you should include that you are not now or at any point in the future contractible for services of sexual/intimate nature.

By putting this in writing, you define yourself as an escort rather than a prostitute and greatly distance yourself from anything that could or would be deemed illegal. By requiring each client to sign this brief description or contract, you insure that you and your services stay within legal boundaries and in most cases clients are happy to sign this type of contract, as it works to protect them from future trouble with authorities as well.

Asking for “Donations”.

If the idea of a contract for your services is not to your liking, use a donation system. Most laws outline prostitution as compensation for sexual acts or services delivered to another person. To avoid the compensation headache altogether, ask for a donation or contribution for your companionship or services as an escort. Never refer to it as a charge, fee or cost and most of all never promise sexual encounters for compensation.

Getting compensated for your time.

The best way to accept your donations is to have a dresser or a small table near the entrance of your home/apartment/venue. As your client enters, instruct him/her to put the donation in an envelope and leave it on the dresser or table. When the envelope has been placed on the dresser or table, suggest that they “freshen up” in the washroom. While your client is occupied in the washroom, use this time to examine what has been left. Using this system, you have deniability of direct transfer of compensation or money for your services.

In some cases you may face a different situation by visiting a client in his/her hotel room/home/apartment/place of work and in many situations such as this, The client may feel rather and understandably uncomfortable leaving a stranger alone in a room with their belongings while visiting the washroom. This is completely normal as the fact of the matter is you both are strangers to each other. You best bet to avoid such an awkward situation is to request that the client either leave the envelope with your donation near or in the washroom. Following this, excuse yourself to “freshen up” and examine what has been left.

Get to know your local laws.

Reading up on your state laws in regards to prostitution and other related violations is a very powerful tool. The more in-tune you are with the do’s and don’ts, the better you can combat the hurdles required to keep yourself and your business out of legal trouble. Your number one priority should always be to fully and clearly understand what the terms prostitution and solicitation of prostitution means in both your state and any other location you plan to bring your business to.

Massage your way.

The term escort and the stigma behind it in itself may feel or look incriminating. Our suggestion is to explore the option of becoming a masseuse. From a legal standpoint massages are by all means legal in all 50 states of the United States. The benefits of being a masseuse is ease of advertising as well as how easy it is to become a masseuse in most states due to limited licensing formalities. Being a masseuse also helps with contracting your services. However, make sure to read the laws related to contact with another person, and make sure to never describe or discuss your services as erotic massage and/or massage involving the genitals or intimate areas of the body on an individual.

Give Uncle Sam his cut.

One of the fastest ways to get yourself on the map of legal troubles is failure to file taxes and/or failure to report your income. The IRS tends to like to get their cut of your action and has the resources to track just about anyone down. Failing to pay your taxes will likely raise some red-flags in their eyes.

A good idea is to file your taxes and make sure to report your income as compensation for rendered personal services. Many professionals such as housekeepers, personal assistants and even cosmetologists report income as rendered personal services to other people and so can you!

The disadvantage to this is that you now must pay taxes. However, all legal and legitimate businesses pay taxes, and that’s what you are running, a legal and legitimate business.

Don’t Beat the Pavement.

One of the biggest mistakes many escorts make is taking their business to the streets. This shouldn’t even be an option mainly because, by standing in front of a truck stop, or hanging out around a bus station or even by hovering around a street corner is a dead give away to law enforcement you are prostituting. Simply put, if you make it public by stopping passers-by, you make it clear your doing something wrong or rather illegal. It is far safer and much easier to promote your escort business on a site like this, needless to say you receive much greater exposure then you ever would outside in the cold.

Keep it BIG.

In large metropolitan cities with populations of 750,000+ people, you are much less likely to stand out and attract the wrong kind of attention. The main goal is to fly under the radar, and that’s very hard in a area that has a very low population. In areas of such low density, everybody and their mother is in each other business and you run a much greater risk of bumping in to someone you know. Furthermore large cities also tend to bring you a much larger client base and that equals greater potential income from your escort business.

Keep the cat in the bag.

A huge mistake is to go in to your conversation with a client all business. Your number one priority in this case is to have the client make the request for service, make monetary offers and everything else in between that should or would be discussed prior to business. By initiating an offer or getting in to the details of your services first, You are breaking the laws of prostitution solicitation and that is a whole bag of problems.

Teeth are a cage for the tongue, Use it!

Let’s keep this one simple! This isn’t really the type of career choice you want to go bragging about to everyone. The less people who know what you do for work, the less likely you are to get yourself into deep waters. I’d like to believe people don’t intentionally mean to bring harm or trouble your way, but information like this tends to find its way into the wrong hands. So when in doubt, shut your mouth and greatly reduce the chances of possible harm or legal backlash.

Go Legit!

Your goal should be to make your escort business legitimate. Our suggestion is to register with your City or municipality and state for a small business license. You should receive an ID after a short period of time from filling out and filing your paperwork. Once that is done, you are now a legitimate business, and the worries you have about being found as an illegal escort business are greatly reduced, particularly because both the city and state recognize your business as being legal. However just you have a paper saying your business is legal, doesn’t make you above the law. You should always take great caution to operate your escort business under the radar.

No Guarantee Disclaimer:

We make no guarantee that any of the strategies mentioned above will work to protect you from all or even any legal risks in regards to working as an escort. Above all your gut instinct is your best friend. Always be cautious, never reveal more than necessary and always refuse services to anyone who doesn’t feel right!


Note: DesireHire.com makes no claim to being a legal service, tax advisor or accountant. This article was merely our attempt at giving the best possible advice we can based on what we ourselves have learned over the years. You should always consult with a professional if ever in doubt or have any questions.
Good Luck

The DesireHire.com Staff