The road to Be a Escort Professionally – An in dept look into How to Be a Professional Escort

In this article we hope to help you get on the road to be an escort on a more professional level. We will look over what it takes to be an escort as well as the basic steps needed to do a number of things while being a escort. Our basic goal with this article is to be as honest as possible in regards to becoming an escort, since becoming one isn’t the easiest of tasks. Like with any job or profession, to be an escort has it’s pro’s and con’s, it’s up’s and down’s, it’s benefits as well as its draw backs. The main fact that this is a career that is extremely professional is both a great thing and at times a thing that has its low points. It takes a great level of straight to be a escort and an extremely strong woman, man or transsexual to stay on track and continue to be an escort for many years. We really hope this article helps you learn the real truth behind becoming a escort and the facts behind the day to day lives of escorts. We will list basic tips and give some advice to try our best to help you on the road to be an escort professionally.

Before we move on lets ask ourselves a few key questions to be able to better understand what its going to take to be an escort

  1. Is this something I am really going to be able to do?
  2. Am I ready to commit the time and effort to being an escort?
  3. Do I enjoy being a companion to others and getting paid for my time?
  4. How will my Family and Friends react to me being an escort?
  5. Are the emotional effects of being an escort going to be something I can handle?
  6. Is this about the money or the fun?

All of the above should be something you seriously consider before stepping into the shoes of a companion for hire and understand that by no means is the lifestyle an easy one… Being and escort isn’t for everybody. The majority of people are looking for something more, like a serious relationship or a commitment of love and marriage. We can’t stress enough how important it is that you learn to separate your personal wants for your professional reality. we strongly suggest that You really sit down and consider your limitations in regards to the relationships between yourself and your client, really look deep inside yourself and honestly consider if you will be able to handle this kind of job. the reality is that being an escort is really best suited for someone who is strong, likes to be independent, enjoys distance from others, but is capable of communication with others and understanding their needs.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way, let’s take a look at why you might want to become an escort. I’m sure over the years you have watched shows on tv that show you the glamorous side of the business, we see them living the lush life, getting paid a lot of money for doing what they do and having no issues in doing so. So what could be the pluses of being an escort, you might ask. Firstly and most importantly you feel sexy doing it! There is no better confidence booster then to have some one so into you that they are willing to pay top dollar just to sit at the same table as you. Some other key points are that you get paid to be pampered, you work when you want to work, you get to date with absolutely no string attached, but the best part is you get paid amazingly for it.

With all that in mind we should probably consider some rules to the road. Our best suggestion for anyone new to the game is to be safe and to keep you head up in regards to your choice of becoming an escort. At times it’s going to get hard but as long as you remember that it’s your choice to stay in the industry and that safety in regards to your body and yourself is priority number one you should be fine. Some other important things to remember is that you should never exchange money hand to hand, that money exchange is for your time and time alone, and that its perfectly fine to say no! With the last one be prepared to deal with some upset clients, but its your choice and you have the right to say no!!! Another great piece of advice is enjoy the client you are with, you shouldn’t feel like your betraying the person you might one day love because you are having an unforgettable time with someone you are currently with. and last but not least remember proper client etiquette, It’s always a bad idea to share details about clients with other clients or anyone for that matter and you should always stay out of clients personal private lives, its always the first ingredient in a disaster waiting to happen.

Now that we have cleared the air on some of the major pro’s and con’s lets look into a possible association with an escort agency. Finding the right fit is an important part for anyone considering this path, and you should feel comfortable with the people you both work for and with. It’s a must that you research the rules, regulations and practices of any escort agency you may be considering joining. A few key points to remember to ask about is what security is like, how do they find their clients, what does their income look like, & do they screen clients. You should also ask about protocol related to clients who become violent and ask you to do things you don’t want to do. A big reason some new escorts join escort agencies is because doing it alone can at times become dangerous and you should really know all the in’s and out’s before venturing out on your own. Some things to remember when working for an escort agency is to be patient and never take other peoples clients, no one likes a co-worker who poaches their clients and its a quick way to turn a comfortable situation into a rather uncomfortable one.

The pro’s of working for yourself:

  • No one to share your income with, so at the end of the day you keep all your money
  • You pick who you entertain
  • Mark-up your prices as you like
  • You are the master of your schedule

The con’s of working for yourself:

  • No one is watching you back in dangerous situations like they do in an escort agency
  • Making a mistake during your screening processĀ can prove to be hazardous to your health in more then one way
  • You have to do all your own screening or hire a service to do it for you
  • At the end of the day you are alone, in most cases with complete strangers who you don’t know.
  • You have to do all your own marketing

The Pro’s of working for an Escort agency:

  • Someone is always watching out for your best interests
  • everyone you deal with has in most cases already been screened
  • They handle the bulk of your marketing for you
  • You always have someone in the same industry to talk to and get advice from

The con’s of working for an Escort agency:

  • You do most of the heavy lifting while at the end of the day have to pay someone else
  • In most cases you work when you get job’s, even if those days are days you want to be off
  • You answer to a boss and are bound by their rules and regulations

Next we’ll take a look at ways to get yourself out there. No matter what you choose in terms of associating with an escort agency or being an independent escort, you will still need to do some form of marketing yourself. One major drawback of being an independent escort is the fact that finding the client can at times prove to be challenging. The fact that your competing in most cases with much larger more financially equipped companies tends to turn this step into a nightmare to say the least. But luckily there are a whole host of things you can do that can help you find the right client while not spending your life savings.

Here are just some idea’s:

  • Escort Directories and Review boards Such as this one ( tend to be the best choice for leveling the playing field
  • Build a website and/or blog
  • Run ad’s offline in the back pages of newspapers and local magazines
  • Ask clients you have already worked with if they can refer you to a friend
  • Buy and use email list to do email marketing (this one is not very easy but effective)
  • Use Social Media to promote yourself. you may need to be a bit tech savvy but its worth the time to learn.

Next lets look into screening your clients. It is extremely important that you write down as much information as possible on your clients. Ask if they have visited with other escorts who can vouch for them and check them against escort black lists and sex offender databases. Following these steps should give you a better idea of who you are dealing with and make it easier to decide if you should or shouldn’t meet with this person. Even in the event that you are associated with an escort agency, you should always approach this career as if you are working alone. To be an escort should be as stress free and drama free as possible. You can all the benefits and trills mentioned above as long as you stick to the plan and follow the rules from this article. Remember its always better to be safe then sorry..

And finally in closing someĀ tips for the road:

  • Keep you body in shape as well as in amazing condition
  • Put together a professional portfolio
  • Be 100% sure and confident in your decision of becoming an escort
  • Drugs are a big no.. no..
  • Test yourself often for sexual transmitted diseases (STD)
  • Be educated on your career choice
  • Avoid dropping your prices if possible
  • Good hygiene is a must so always shower before and after.
  • Keep your clients happy by complimenting them
  • Protect you identity from strangers
  • Don’t exchange money hand to hand
  • Less is more when it comes to phone conversations
  • Always keep your personal life, personal!!!